Dally Team Roper, Basket

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If you’re looking for a strong roper with some style, this 9111 might be right up your alley. Billy has designed this saddle on his rawhide covered wood tree with a strong on-tree full double rigging. Included is a matching rear flank and Billy Cook 27 stand cinch. Billy still manages his own shop and is hands on with each saddle that is manufactured. And if that’s not enough, everyone will know you’re riding in the real deal with Billy Cook logos flanking every side of this saddle. A unique basket pattern sets off the russet finish from the pommel to the fenders and everywhere between. You’ll love the look and functionality of the rawhide wrapped pommel and cantle binding. Silver conchos and horn cap add a tasteful amount of “shine” to this unique creation. Other features include the quilted seat, rawhide roper stirrups, and half breed off billet for a more durable rigging option.

Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 18 × 18 in

Rawhide covered wood Q.H. bars


15" – 16" quilted


2 1/2" post


13" rawhide and leather – hand tooled


4" rawhide laced


Full double stainless steel


Artificial wool lined

Skirt Length



Roper rawhide laced


Basket stamped half breed


Approximately 41 lbs.